Talon Wine Club

Talon Wine Club

Are you wine obsessed? There are many wineries throughout Colorado, but the Palisade wineries are a must-visit for any wine lover! Situated in small-town Palisade, the rural and down-home atmosphere here boasts a reputation almost as beautiful as the scenery. Flavorful and unique wines call this place home, which makes it a popular destination for Colorado wine tasting.  Talon Wine Club brings the flavor and experience of the Palisade wineries right to your home.

Talon Wines offers a variety of wines that appeal to every taste and occasion. Do you consider yourself a wine connoisseur? Or are you new to the wine scene? A large part of the beauty and intrigue that comes with wine is all the different flavors, aromas, and types. The exploration that goes along with wine tasting definitely adds to the fun and experience.

Anyone with a passion for wine can appreciate a quality wine club. Whether your interest in wine is as a hobbyist or dedicated enough for specialty wine cellars, knowing where to sample new wines, meet like-minded people, and soak up some wine culture can be invigorating.

Come Explore With Us

The experience of Colorado wine tasting is part of the allure that allows it to be as popular as it is today. Read what people are saying about our wines here. Talon offers three unique labels that encompass different flavors, aromas, and types of wines. Talon Wine Club allows you to access all the flavors from one convenient place.

Talon Winery

Talon Winery offer a classic yet unique style. Fermented from high-quality grapes, the climate here on the Western Slope brings out a distinctive flavor.

St. Kathryn Cellars

St. Kathryn Cellars offers an abundance of sweet and intriguing flavored wines for any occasion. These wines offer an experience within themselves. Enjoy them chilled, or on ice anytime!

Meadery of the Rockies

Looking for something different? Meadery of the Rockies offers honey wines! Tested and perfected over time, these wines offer a unique and sweet experience.

Talon Wine Club allows us to bring our high-quality local wines directly to you on a consistent basis. Members enjoy many benefits including:

  • Discounts ranging from 15% to 25%
  • Free or discounted admission to special events
  • Invitations to members-only events
  • Discounts on merchandise
  • Flexibility in type and quantity of wine

Which Wine is Right for Me?

Talon Wine Club offers so many choices you might be asking yourself – which wine is right for me? The great thing about the variety we offer is that we can tailor wine to each mood or occasion.

Wine can be classified into several different categories: white, red, rose, dessert or sweet wine, and sparkling wine. Each has its own time, place, and palette in which they are served best. You can also learn more about perfect pairings and how to make the most out of your wine experience at our blog.


White wines are generally best served chilled. Like red wines, white wine has a wide range of flavor. These wines can be sweet or dry. A big difference between the two types is production. White wines are produced in a cooler environment in order to preserve the fruit flavor. White wines are generally lighter in flavor. Because of this, wine lovers often prefer to enjoy during the summer months. Of the 34 wines available on our website, Talon Wine Club offers your choice of 8 different whites (try our Wingspan White wine).


Red wines are generally served at room temperature. Many wine lovers boast that reds are best during the colder months. Depending on how they’re made, red wines can be sweet or dry. The sophistication that accompanies red wine makes it an attractive choice. From sweet and light, to bold and oaky, red wines offer a range of flavor. This range is achieved in the production process. Tannins are the reason for this range. Tannins are plant polyphenols that give the wine structure or body. Generally, these tannins soften with age. This is why wine can become better with age. Of the 34 wines available on our website, Talon Wine Club offers your choice of 9 different reds (try our Cabernet Sauvignon wine).


Rose is the pink wine. A common misconception is that it is a crossover between white and red wines. While pink grapes don’t exist, winemakers are able to achieve the pink color through a process called macreation. This process allows the skin from the grapes to soak in the juice for a short period of time. Rose wines are similar to white wine in that it is best enjoyed in the warmer months. It can be served room temperature or chilled (try our Wingspan Rose wine).


Sweet wines are a category all their own. They can encompass the other categories of wine; however, they’re made in a way that brings out the natural sweetness. Do you have a sweet tooth? They are also called dessert wines because they pair well with sweets (hence the name). Often these types of wines have a lower alcohol content because they have more sugar. This is something to keep in mind when selecting wine for special occasions (try our Sweet Honey wine).


Sparkling wines differ in carbon dioxide content which gives them a fizzy texture. These bubbly drinks can be fun to celebrate with! Like the other wine types, you can find a dry or sweet sparkling wine. This gives you even more options to choose from. Although it can be easily confused with champagne, sparkling wines are not always considered champagne.

Colorado Wine Tasting

As you can no doubt tell, a great part of Western Colorado is the Palisade Wineries! The exploration and variety offered make it an experience like no other. Add flavor and sophistication to any special occasion or liven up any day with some of the Colorado wines that are offered. Try them all! With Talon Wine Club, you have the option of 4, 6, or 12 bottles a year. Personalize your subscription with what will fit your taste and budget. Talon Wines offers a diverse collection of Colorado wines with flavors that are truly unique. You can learn more about our history here. We can’t wait to hear which is your favorite!

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