The Best Reasons to Visit Palisade for Each Season

Named one of the most beautiful small towns in the U.S., there really isn’t a bad time to visit Palisade. Strong agricultural influences, abundant nature, and a rich food & wine culture mean there’s always something to experience! We’ve rounded up the best reasons to visit Palisade, no matter the season.


Blossoms abound this time of year! April is typically when we see the best blossoms on apple, peach, plum, apricot, cherry, and other trees across the valley. There are also several spring events and festivals including Barrel into Spring and the Honeybee Festival for those who are ready to get out after the winter months. Crowds are typically low, and spring weather is pleasant!


Summer is high season in the Grand Valley: festivals, sunshine, and ripening fruit mark this season and bring visitors from around the world. Colorado Lavender Festival (June) and Palisade Peach Festival (August) are two of our biggest festivals of the year, and we love the energy that this time of year brings. There’s an adventure for everyone — hiking, fishing, camping, rafting, mountain biking, delicious food, fresh fruit, and exploring the world of Colorado wine!


Cooler temperatures, fewer crowds, and gorgeous foliage make fall one of our favorite times of year, especially if you’re driving over from the Denver area. The views are breathtaking, especially in late October. Colorado Mountain Winefest in September is another huge festival that coincides with crush, when we start to process the grapes for our Talon Winery wines. Read more about fall in Palisade here.


Winters in Palisade are generally mild, making it a bit of a respite from the intense winter months elsewhere in Colorado. You’ll find hardly any crowds, meaning you can have a more relaxed tasting experience and take your time enjoying Grand Valley wines. There’s also skiing nearby at Powderhorn, so you can get out and ski or snowboard too! We remain open daily in the winter — enjoy a tasting with us in our cozy tasting room any day of the week.


Palisade’s slogan is, “Life tastes good here all year long,” and we have to agree. There’s never a bad time to visit Colorado’s fruit and wine country, and we can promise you a great time and excellent wine no matter the season.

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