Talon Wine Club Calendar

Calendar Notes

  • You can customize your order any time during the Open Selection window. View a tutorial on selecting your wines.
  • Winemaker’s Selections are announced on the 1st of the Open Selections month.
  • Pick-up orders that have not been collected by the last day of the pick-up window will be shipped to you using the shipping information on file. In this case, you will be charged for shipping as well as the $0.27 Colorado Retail Delivery Fee, which applies automatically to all shipped orders as mandated by the state of Colorado. Orders will be shipped after the last day of the pick-up month, marked in red on the calendar above. You will receive pick-up reminder emails leading up to the last day of pick-up as long as you are subscribed to our email list.

Questions or concerns? Contact us at orders@talonwinebrands.com or view our Policies page.

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