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Talon’s founder Glenn Foster carries on a family legacy established at a renowned Sonoma, CA winery, reliably producing wines that are outstanding whether enjoyed on their own or paired with a variety of cuisines. He then made wine in Colorado for 3 wineries over the course of 10 years before launching Talon Winery LLC in 2005.

Our mission is to be Colorado’s Premier Winery through Customer Focus, Integrity and Care. We share the JOY wine!” Translation: we make great wine and serve it to our customers with a warm sense of hospitality and a smile. We do everything we can to create an authentic, meaningful, enjoyable experience with whoever we touch.

“Our goal is to share the  joy of wine by offering wine lovers hand-crafted wines of the highest quality at a reasonable price” – Glenn Foster

Our winemaking team is completely focused on creating authentically crafted wines that show great varietal character. For us, that means starting with the best grapes and produce available.

Our winemaking techniques are somewhat proprietary, but we can share a few insights. First, we ferment our white wines cold to retain as much of the fruity aromas and flavors as we can in the finished wine. This requires a chilling system and tanks with heat exchangers.

For our reds, we ferment at warmer temperatures to extract the deep, rich flavors we want from the skins before pressing.

Honey wines are the most difficult to ferment because of the anti-microbial properties of honey.  Luckily we’ve cracked the code and can ferment a batch of honey with no trouble in about 12 days.  This clean, fast fermentation results in a crisp, aromatic mead or honey wine.

There is great variability in our fruit wines.  We use local fruit and produce whenever possible.  Whether Apple, Peach, Rhubarb or Pomegranate, all our fruit and botanical wines are fermented in the same fashion as traditional grape wines, just without the grapes!










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