Our History

Deep family roots…and a wealth of winemaking expertise

The Foster family has been involved in the world of wine since 1976, when Reed Foster Sr. co-founded Ravenswood Winery in Sonoma, CA. As CEO and marketing guru, Reed led the company for nearly 30 years. Wine became a part of everyday life in the Foster family.

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Reed’s youngest son Glenn returned to California in 1993 after a 10-year stint in Colorado. He joined Ravenswood’s production staff where he learned the basic principles and techniques of artisanal winemaking. As a teenager, Glenn had helped out occasionally with warehouse work and bottling days, but, beginning in August of 1993, making wine became a full-time commitment and a lifelong passion.

Glenn’s wife, Natalie, worked in the administrative offices and tasting room at Ravenswood while Glenn was learning the ropes of winemaking.  In 1995, the two of them discovered the burgeoning wine industry in Western Colorado. They made a leap of faith when they decided to begin a new adventure in the state where they had met and married.

Over the course of the next ten years, Glenn worked for three distinguished Western Slope wineries. His experience in the vineyards taught him the interdependence of weather, soil, water, varietal choice and farming practices. The long, intense hours and endurance required gave him great insight. He also continued to hone his winemaking skills including lab work, chemistry, sensory analysis, blending, quality control, barrel work, aging, filtering and bottling operations.  Most importantly he realized that great wine is the result of both science and art.

In 2005 the Fosters embarked on a new venture. It was a small wine shop, the Colorado Wine Room, featuring some of the best wines from across Colorado. The Fosters began making wine for the first time under their own label, but they needed a name.

Lift Off: Talon Wine Brands Begins to Fly

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At this point, Glenn had realized his childhood dream of becoming an accomplished falconer, training and hunting with a variety of raptors since 1989. Talon Winery was a natural choice, representing his love of winged hunters.

Winemaking was, in a word, tight. The 1,700 square foot shop was designed as a retail space. A small room was devoted to winemaking – five tanks filled the 12’ x 15’ room. The tanks were as big as would fit through the doors; about enough to make 200 cases in a year’s time. After three years, Talon Winery needed to expand and the Fosters began exploring their options.

When they discovered a trio of wineries under one company, including an extensive production facility and two excellent retail locations in Palisade, the Fosters made another leap of faith by purchasing Meadery of the Rockies, St. Kathryn Cellars and Confre Cellars, giving birth to Talon Wine Brands. In subsequent years Confre Cellars was phased out, creating a new home for Talon Winery.

In 2021, they renamed themselves Talon Wines, and about a year later they announced that they would be consolidating their tasting rooms and moving to the Meadery location going into 2023. Talon Wines still proudly produces wine under all three labels.

Each winery offers a distinguished lineup of award-winning wines.  Talon Winery is known for classic style, fruit-forward wines made from the finest grapes available. Our methods preserve and enhance the flavors that develop naturally in grapes grown in Western Colorado’s high desert, arid climate and mineral-rich soils.

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Our Mission:  To be Colorado’s Premier Winery through Customer Focus, Integrity and Care.  We share the JOY of wine!

From ancient times to today, meads, or honey wines, have warmed the hearts and lifted the spirits of mankind. At Meadery of the Rockies, we have continued and expanded this tradition to include new tastes, flavors and experiences.

At St. Kathryn Cellars, flavors come alive to intrigue the imagination and delight the palate. Our sweeter-edged, highly flavorful wines can be enjoyed chilled, on ice, anytime and for any occasion. We make wines to inspire and delight!

Deep family roots, a wealth of winemaking expertise and a passion for excellence keep us focused on our mission:  To be Colorado’s Premier Winery through Customer Focus, Integrity and Care.  We share the JOY of wine!



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