Colorado Wine

The Centennial State may not be the first place to come to mind when you think of wine, but Talon Wines is changing that. Located on Colorado’s Western Slope, Talon Wines is proud to produce Colorado wine, with vineyards grown in the surprisingly fertile soils of Colorado’s deserts. Our beloved Centennial State is renown for its rugged and natural beauty. We also have a climate that ranges from snowy mountain peaks, to valleys, plains, and even semi-deserts on our Western border. One product that is a result of this diverse and expansive climate is very unique wine. Talon Winery wines are all made from grapes grown and harvested right here in Western Colorado, and often use only ingredients (like honey and lavender) also found in Colorado. The next time you celebrate an occasion or unwind after a long day, be sure to try Colorado wine from Talon Winery.

Since 1995, the Foster family has spearheaded winemaking in Colorado, from studying the best soil and farming practices, to wine production methods. Bringing premier knowledge and experience from their home winery in Sonoma, California, the Fosters dreamed of harvesting – quite literally – the potential of Colorado’s wine country in the western portion of the State for wine making. It is a joy to bring the distinct taste of Colorado’s wine to people the world over.

New To Wine? Or Are You a Wine Enthusiast?

Are you new to trying wine? Or are you a wine enthusiast, looking to expand your wine palette? Then visit us at Talon Wines, located in Palisade, Colorado, or shop with us, online. This hidden gem of a region is becoming more popular and more well known for its vineyards and wineries. At Talon we present three award-winning wine brands: Talon Winery, St. Katherine’s Cellars, and Meadery of the Rockies. Each presents a wide array of wines and flavors. No matter if you have yet to take a first splash of wine, or you already relish in sampling and collecting wines, give our wines a try. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can make recommendations and answer questions you may have. If you love wine, then we also recommend joining our Colorado Wine Club! As a member of Colorado Wine Club, you’ll also enjoy access to discounts, latest releases, wine shipments, and will be able to choose wine from all three of our wineries. Additionally, if you live locally to us, wine club members receive invites to special events during wine pick-up.

Whether you’re purchasing for yourself, for friends, or for an occasion, it’s always a good time to enjoy a glass of Colorado wine or mead. If you love wine, experience a multitude of wines from Talon Wines by sampling a bottle from each of our three brands. Enjoy the flavors of classic, fruit-based wine made from Colorado grapes, to mead, or honey-wine, and much more. Visit us in person, or shop with us online.

Experience unique wines and flavors, all from the comfort of your own home.

Wine with a View

Located in Colorado’s Western Slope, Talon Brand Wines is located at the eastern end of the beautiful Grand Valley. Rising above our vineyards are the Book Cliffs, the world’s longest continuous escarpment, running for 240 miles from Palisade, CO, and into Utah. Directly east is Grand Mesa, the world’s largest flat-topped mountain, reaching an altitude of over 11,000 feet. The region is Colorado’s canyon country. With stunning red rock canyons, desert cliffs, and mesas, the Western Slope is a hidden gem to those outside the state, and even to some Colorado natives.This unique landscape is home to plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities: hiking, fishing, mountain biking and more. What makes this region even more unique is its wine: vineyards are grown here, producing wine grapes. These stunning vistas create the framework of Palisade’s wine valley, and are the perfect backdrop for savoring wine. We all also know a glass of wine is especially rewarding after a long hike.

Colorado’s vineyards are some of the highest-elevation vineyards in the US. Colorado is known as the “Mile High” State, after all. Our vineyards are located at an elevation of 4,700 ft, nearly a mile above sea level. As surprising as it is, Palisade, Colorado’s wine country is located in the State’s high desert. It’s an area with 300+ days of sunshine per year, and low humidity. As much as it may not be what you expected for ideal wine-making real estate, these are prime conditions for growing and harvesting grapes.

Our wine has a taste that is distinctly Colorado. The state’s extreme aridity helps greatly decrease pests and disease, nearly negating the need for pesticides and other chemicals.  For white wine lovers, be sure to try our Chardonnay: the variety of Chardonnay grapes flourish here as a result of Colorado’s arid climate and higher elevation. For those who love red wine, Merlot variety of grapes grow well here, so to be sure to try a glass.

Modern Craft Winery

Modern craft denotes the practice of creating a liquor and making it your own, via merging traditional winemaking techniques with modern technology. Since 1999, Talon Wines has created quality and unique wines that bear a unique Colorado flavor. The state’s sunny and dry climate is perfect for growing and harvesting grapes for our wines. In addition to producing traditional fruit-based wines, we also produce mead, or “honey wine.” A highly popular beverage in centuries past, mead is now experiencing a resurgence, and can be enjoyed at Meadery of the Rockies. For a wine you’ve likely never thought of, experience the medium-sweet taste of lavender wine at St. Kathryn’s Cellars. And don’t forget to try our peach wine, made from Palisade’s much beloved peaches.

Compared to centuries old wine making within Europe and the Mediterranean, Colorado winemaking is relatively new. However, Talon Wines has and continues to forge winemaking and tasting in Colorado. The Foster family brings decades of prestige and knowledge from Sonoma, CA wineries, but while creating wines, experiences and a brand that is distinctly Colorado.

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