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Jake Tegtman
February 15, 2021 | Jake Tegtman

Wine Club Colorado

Wine Club Colorado

Are you wine obsessed? There are many wineries throughout Colorado, but the Palisade Wineries are a must-visit for any wine lover! Situated in small-town Palisade, the rural and down-home atmosphere here boasts a reputation almost as beautiful as the scenery. Flavorful and unique wines call this place home, which makes it a popular destination for Colorado wine tasting.  Wine Club Colorado - brought to you by Talon Wine Brands - brings the flavor and experience of the Palisade Wineries right to your home.

Talon Wine Brands offers a variety of wines that appeal to every taste and occasion. Do you consider yourself a wine connoisseur? Or are you new to the wine scene? A large part of the beauty and intrigue that comes with wine is all the different flavors, aromas, and types. The exploration that goes along with wine tasting definitely adds to the fun and experience.

Anyone with a passion for wine can appreciate a quality wine club. Whether your interest in wine is as a hobbyist or dedicated enough for specialty wine cellars, knowing where to sample new wines, meet like-minded people, and soak up some wine culture can be invigorating.

Come Explore With Us

The experience of Colorado wine tasting is part of the allure that allows it to be as popular as it is today. Read what people are saying about our wines here. Talon offers three unique brands that encompass different flavors, aromas, and types of wines. Wine Club Colorado allows you to access all the flavors from one convenient place.


Talon Winery

Talon Winery offer a classic yet unique style. Fermented from high-quality grapes, the climate here on the Western Slope brings out a distinctive flavor.


St. Katheryn's Cellars

St. Katheryn Cellars offers an abundance of sweet and intriguing flavored wines for any occasion. These wines offer an experience within themselves. Enjoy them chilled, or on ice anytime!


Meadery of the Rockies

Looking for something different? Meadery of the Rockies offers honey wines! Tested and perfected over time, these wines offer a unique and sweet experience.

Wine Club Colorado through Talon Wine Brands allows us to bring our high-quality local wines directly to you on a consistent basis. Members enjoy many benefits including:

Discounts ranging from 15% to 25%
Free or discounted admission to special events
Discounts on merchandise
Flexibility in type and quantity of wine
Access to our secure and convenient online store


Which Wine is Right for Me?

Wine Club Colorado offers so many choices you might be asking yourself - which wine is right for me? The great thing about the variety we offer is that we can tailor wine to each mood or occasion. 

Wine can be classified into several different categories: white, red, rose, dessert or sweet wine, and sparkling wine. Each has its own time, place, and palette in which they are served best. You can also learn more about perfect pairings and how to make the most out of your wine experience at our blog.



White wines are generally best served chilled. Like red wines, white wine has a wide range of flavor. These wines can be sweet or dry. A big difference between the two types is production. White wines are produced in a cooler environment in order to preserve the fruit flavor. White wines are generally lighter in flavor. Because of this, wine lovers often prefer to enjoy during the summer months. Of the 34 wines available on our website, Wine Club Colorado offers your choice of 8 different whites (try our Wingspan White wine). 



Red wines are generally served at room temperature. Many wine lovers boast that reds are best during the colder months. Depending on how they're made, red wines can be sweet or dry. The sophistication that accompanies red wine makes it an attractive choice. From sweet and light, to bold and oaky, red wines offer a range of flavor. This range is achieved in the production process. Tannins are the reason for this range. Tannins are plant polyphenols that give the wine structure or body. Generally, these tannins soften with age. This is why wine can become better with age. Of the 34 wines available on our website, Wine Club Colorado offers your choice of 9 different reds (try our Cabernet Sauvignon wine).



Rose is the pink wine. A common misconception is that it is a crossover between white and red wines. While pink grapes don't exist, winemakers are able to achieve the pink color through a process called macreation. This process allows the skin from the grapes to soak in the juice for a short period of time. Rose wines are similar to white wine in that it is best enjoyed in the warmer months. It can be served room temperature or chilled (try our Wingspan Rose wine).


Sweet/ Dessert

Sweet wines are a category all their own. They can encompass the other categories of wine; however, they're made in a way that brings out the natural sweetness. Do you have a sweet tooth? They are also called dessert wines because they pair well with sweets (hence the name). Often these types of wines have a lower alcohol content because they have more sugar. This is something to keep in mind when selecting wine for special occasions (try our Sweet Honey wine).



Sparkling wines differ in carbon dioxide content which gives them a fizzy texture. These bubbly drinks can be fun to celebrate with! Like the other wine types, you can find a dry or sweet sparkling wine. This gives you even more options to choose from. Although it can be easily confused with champagne, sparkling wines are not always considered champagne.


Colorado Wine Tasting

As you can no doubt tell, a great part of Western Colorado is the Palisade Wineries! The exploration and variety offered make it an experience like no other. Add flavor and sophistication to any special occasion or liven up any day with some of the Colorado wines that are offered. Try them all! With Wine Club Colorado, you have the option of 4, 6, or 12 bottles a year. Personalize your subscription with what will fit your taste and budget. Talon Wine Brands offers a diverse collection of Colorado wines with flavors that are truly unique. You can learn more about our history here. We can't wait to hear which is your favorite!

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Jake Tegtman
February 3, 2021 | Jake Tegtman

Escape for a Romantic Getaway in Colorado's Wine Country

Escape for a Romantic Getaway in Colorado's Wine Country 

Talon Wine Brands has partnered with the Wine Country Inn to offer an amazing discounted package for those looking to sip and sample wine in Palisade Colorado. The Wine Country Inn is nestled in amongst the vineyards at the base of the Bookcliffs just down the road from our winery tasting room. 

Call the Wine Country Inn to book! (970)464-5777

Perfect for Valentine's Day!

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Jake Tegtman
January 25, 2021 | Jake Tegtman

Wines of Colorado

Wines of Colorado

Talon Wine Brands is located, and produces all our wines locally, in Palisade, Colorado. We serve wines of Colorado to Grand Junction, Palisade, Fruita, and all over the Western Slope of Colorado. We also serve Colorado Springs along with Colorado’s Front Range, and ship nationally. It’s our goal to share the joy of Colorado’s finest vineyards and winemakers with everyone we can reach.

We are committed to providing our customers with not only the best wine possible, but also the best customer service possible. Today’s world has seen the ways of excellent customer service fall off. Technology has made many aspects of life more convenient, but sometimes feel less authentic. We want to change that. In everything we do, we feel it’s vitally important to make our guests feel like a valued human being.

At Talon Wine Brands, all our wine comes with top-level communication. We want to make sure you get your orders effectively, accurately, completely, timely, and with the best professional touch, whether you’re coming in to our Palisade winery locations at Talon, St. Kathryn, or Meadery of the Rockies. Wine tasting (normally available) at any of our locations. Or purchasing our wines in Colorado Springs at any of the top liquor stores. You can also shop with us online.

Regardless of how you find us, we want you to have the best experience possible. We want you to feel like you’re part of our family. A family you choose.


Palisade Wineries

Talon Wine Brands represents the best Palisade wineries, home to all three of our award-winning wine brands. Our selection through all three brands is unmatched. Whether you like classical wines, fruit wines, or honey wines, we have you covered. No matter which wine we’re serving you, in person, or online, we want to share the JOY of wine with you!


Talon Winery

Talon Winery is all about traditional grape wines. It features many award-winning wines, and is made almost exclusively from grapes grown in Palisade, Colorado. Despite Colorado’s Western Slope being dry and technically high desert, the soil is mineral-rich. Here are just some of the wines Talon offers:

Cabernet Sauvignon
Pinot Grigio
The Falconer
White Merlot
Wingspan Red
Wingspan White


St. Kathryn Cellars

Our St. Kathryn Cellars wines are fruit and botanical wines. Delicious, and fun. The reason these wines are so delightful, and have themselves won numerous awards, is that they are also crafted with extremely high quality. For instance, we ferment the actual juice of the fruit being infused into our St. Kathryn wines. When you drink St. Kathryn, you drink top quality wine with 100% fermented fruit juice. Flavors include:

Apple Blossom
Golden Pear
Strawberry Rhubarb
Sweet Scarlet


Meadery of the Rockies

If you’d like to try something new and delicious, yet ancient, you need to try Meadery of the Rockies. Almost all of our meads – honey wines – use 100% raw, pure orange blossom honey. We are also Colorado’s original Meadery, and wear our title with pride. Our honey wines have won numerous awards over the years, for many different mead types. Here are some of our favorite honey wines:

Apricot Honey Wine
Chocolate Cherry
Honey Sheré
Lightly Sweet Honey Wine
Medium Sweet
Sweet Honey Wine

*Note: Join our Wine Club to enjoy premier releases to get our latest releases, four times per year! Wine Club members also gain numerous additional benefits.


Best Grand Junction Wineries and Beyond

It’s our goal to be among the very best Grand Junction wineries, and beyond. We believe – because we are working so hard to do it – that we are becoming the best winery in the state of Colorado. Maybe the future will take us even further.

We bring this up to share with you just a little of what makes us tick, behind the scenes. When you purchase wine from us, we want you to know that you’re supporting an organization with a mission. You’re actually supporting a cause. You’re helping Talon Wine Brands become Colorado’s premier winery, helping us provide more and better jobs and opportunities to Grand Junction and surrounding areas. You’re helping families live better lives.

Which is really what we believe life and business are all about. We take so much care to provide top-notch customer service, with integrity and care, because we want our work hours to make peoples’ lives better. We strive to speak the language of others, and hold ourselves accountable to the promises we make, to make working with us extremely easy.

Talon is focused on solutions, over problems, and continuous improvement. We always try to use challenging situations (welcome to life on earth) as opportunities to grow, develop, and improve, as both individuals, and as a company.


Wine Is A Constant Reminder

We believe, as Benjamin Franklin is credited with saying, “Wine is a constant reminder that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”  The nuances of each wine, how it speaks to us of a place and a time, or reminds us of the fruit from which it’s made, is special and wonderful.

We’re very passionate about wine, tasting, sharing, and enjoying. With friends, family, and all our clients and customers. Without you all, we’d have no purpose. No one to share the wonderful joys and art of winemaking.

We want to build long-lasting relationships with all our clients, so that we can keep sharing and enjoying wine and life together all our days. We want our business and interactions with all our customers to be fun, and a win-win, in all cases. You, as our customers, are our number one priority. Without you, we wouldn’t get the privilege of doing what we love to do so much, each day.

Talon Wine Brands is here to provide excellent products and exceptional service. Come join us in person or online, and let us share with you our warm, generous spirit of hospitality, education & entertainment. It’s why we’re here.


Additional Resources

Check out our online products, and recipes.

Read up on our Blog.

Take a look at our Trade Resources.

Contact Us Today!

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Jake Tegtman
October 19, 2020 | Jake Tegtman

Talon at Palisade's Newest Wine Bar

Talon Palisade Winery

We are pleased to announce three of our wines (Talon Wingspan RedWingspan White, and St. Kathryn White Sangria) can now be sampled and sipped at the newly re-branded Palisade Cafe and Wine Bar. The Palisade Cafe offers nightly dinner specials that feature food and wine pairings. Owner John Sabal, and house sommelier, says, "As a full-service wine bar, our patrons can now learn more about Colorado wines in one location unlike anywhere else. We’re excited to be a year-round Colorado wine enjoyment center.” We are grateful to be alongside our other local winery peers at this local hotspot. Visit the Palisade Cafe and Wine Bar at 113 W 3rd St.

Newly Released: The Falconer

The much anticipated new 2016 vintage of The Falconer has been released and is showing promising reception from our customers. Only 99 cases were  made of this reserve blend, making it truly an exclusive, one of a kind red blend. Head Winemaker Hillary Eales says, "This vintage of Falconer has a unique toasted chocolate aroma that honestly surprised and delighted me as it came out in the wine. It's smooth enough to drink now, yet tannic enough to cellar." The Falconer is a proprietary blend of premium, Old World “black” grapes originating in Portugal, and the Pyrenees of Southern France. Its deep, rich color and dry flavors of black cherries, cocoa, and coffee with an undercurrent of oak make it enjoyable now and for many years to come. With cases being sold at a time, we know we have made a uniquely premier product. Give us a call today to find out how you can get your hands on this unique vintage: 970-464-1300. 

Wine Pairing

Caprese Bites with Pinot Grigio.

This time of year calls for refreshing, light pairings that will work perfectly for your next outdoor get-together. One of the biggest challenges as a consumer of wine is finding a food and wine pairing that will work well together. That’s why we offer them to you here! It's our job to not only provide you with the highest quality wine, but to make sure you have the right wine for the occasion. 

We recommend Talon Pinot Grigio with these easy to make Caprese Bites. Both are light and refreshing. When finding pairings, it’s important to keep the flavors either similar or opposite (spicy and sweet).

Wine Appetizer

Cherry Chip Cheese Ball or Dip

This recipe highlights our Meadery of the Rockies Cherry Honey Wine. It’s a delicious, sweet Cheese Ball filled with Maraschino Cherries and mini Chocolate Chips.

Find the recipe for this fun appetizer on our website here.

Behind the Scenes Look: Featuring Wholesale Assistant Natalia

Our Wholesale Assistant Natalia helps us keep our relationships strong with our local wine providers. If you are local, you may even recognize her! Her weeks get pretty busy working for us here at Talon Wine Brands, as we are one of the only wineries that locally distributes our own wine here in the Grand Valley (Outside of the valley we use a distributor, such as Breakthru Beverage). She stocks the wine, delivers it, and takes orders just to name a few of her responsibilities. 

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Jake Tegtman
October 13, 2020 | Jake Tegtman

Peach Wines and the New Peach Pack


Peach Pack

The New Peach Pack

As many of you know, our Talon Wine Brands family and facilities are in the heart of peach country here in colorado. Two of our wines, St. Kathryn Cellars Peach Wine and the Meadery of the Rockies Peach Honey Wine are created with these world-renowned local peaches. Unfortunately, our beloved Peach Festival was canceled this year, so we at Talon Wine Brands decided to hold a Peach Week, with peach inspired cocktails and desserts. To further celebrate the season, we created the Peach Pack as a fun and easy way to allow customers, visitors, and peach fans to take  a piece of Palisade home with them in a sleek and functional fashion. These boxes contain one bottle each of the peach wines, a Honeyville Peach Drink Mixer, and 2 complimentary wine recipes. We recently sent out 42 of the boxes to local retailers in the Grand Valley. If you are interested in offering a fun and attractive piece of Palisade to your customers and neighbors, contact me, James Ferguson, or your local Breakthru Beverage sales rep to talk details. 


NEW Account Highlights:  Hotel Maverick

You can expect to receive a fun gift when planning a stay at the Hotel Maverick in Grand Junction, CO. This new addition to CMU’s campus brings an upscale and fresh feeling to the town of Grand Junction. Its terrace overlook allows an almost 360 look at the valley, and the interior is sleek and inviting. If you decide to stay here, you will also receive a bottle of wine from our facility! Relationships with our Wholesale accounts are VERY important to us, and we are grateful to have the opportunity to help welcome guests when they visit the Grand Valley.


Peach Wine Pairing 

What goes well with Peach Wine? We recommend peach pie or peach muffins, as they use local Palisade Peaches, and match well with the flavor profile. They are both lightly sweet, but neither one of them outweigh the other. Need a recipe? Find recipes on our website. We encourage you to recommend these pairings to your customers, and see your sales rise! 


Recipe Highlights

Since it is peach season, what better way to sell our peach wine than with a peach inspired recipe! These recipes use Palisade Peaches and our St. Kathryn Peach Wine and Meadery of the Rockies Peach Honey Wine. Feel free to print out these recipe cards to share with your customers!    


Featured Wines

It's Peach Season! Bring the taste of Palisade home with you when you purchase peach wine. Light, sweet, and refreshing flavors are perfect to combat the heat:


St. Kathryn Cellars Peach Wine

St. Kathryn Cellars Peach Wine is the ultimate summer wine, made with world-renowned Palisade peaches. It is medium sweet, with a wonderfully peachy aroma and flavor. Serve slightly chilled by itself or with a variety of foods.


Talon Winery Charonnay

Talon Chardonnay is a classic, unoaked wine that is medium-bodied, fresh, and easy to drink. Typical of stainless steel vinted Chardonnay, look for honeyed aromas, crisp tropical flavors, and a bright finish. Refreshing by itself, it also pairs well with a variety of cuisine.   

Meadery of the Rockies Peach Honey

Peach Honey Wine is a balanced blend of Peach Wine and orange blossom Honey Wine. Made with Palisade peaches, this wine has a fabulous peachy aroma and color. 


Wholesale Information

Take Advantage of our Case Discount Program

Our case discount program will help you stay stocked. Discounts are applied at the 6-, 15-, 32- and 65-case levels. Use feature pricing to pass savings on to your customers and build sales faster. For restaurateurs, we offer special bottle pricing for wine lists and by-the-glass.

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Jake Tegtman
September 28, 2020 | Jake Tegtman

St. Kathryn Cellars Lavender Wine

Lavender Wine

St. Kathryn Cellars Lavender Wine has become one of our most popular, top-selling wines. Ever. It’s delicious. People love it. It’s been a favorite of our customers for more than six years. In fact, the wine has sold consistently enough that we’re now bottling it twice per year – the only wine we bottle twice per year.

Just read the reviews above to get an idea of how special it is. But! One of the most interesting things about the wine is how it came about – because we never intended to set out and create the world’s best lavender wine. Of course, we’re grateful now that the idea was presented to us. But the story of our lavender wine is really more of a group effort than just us, alone.


Palisade, Colorado Is Known For Growing Lavender 

St. Kathryn Cellars is located in Palisade, CO. We’re located just on the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains, at the confluence of the Colorado River and Gunnison River – an area that has surprisingly fertile soil. Our area is known for “Palisade peaches,” which people literally travel our way to pick up, by the box or barrel. Certain kinds of grapes grow exceedingly well here, such as Riesling, which we’ll be talking more about soon. And lavender. We’re not as famous for lavender as we are for other things, but each year, we do have a Lavender Festival (for which another great local company, Lightbulb Media, makes great videos) that draws in most of the valley. And the lavender, we’ve found over time, makes for great wine.


How Our Lavender Wine Came To Be

Our head winemaker was approached years ago by a local lavender farm. They had the idea to make lavender-infused wine, and wanted to find a local winery who would take on the challenge. Initially, truth be told, we weren’t sold on the idea. Most people, even today, when they first hear about our lavender wine, think the idea of it sounds odd. This was right about the time Talon’s current owner, Glenn, took over. But the lavender farm was persistent, and pursued their idea with a couple other wineries, local to Palisade. They then came back to us at St. Kathryn Cellars, and told us that they’d found someone who was willing to give it a try. But they believed that with our setup, that we could do a better job, and asked us to reconsider a trial run. In the end, we decided to do our best making what we thought must’ve been one of the world’s first lavender wines, on large scale.  

For our first batch, we used Cameo Rose as our base, in part because we had a decent stock at the time. It also seemed like it could be a good pairing for the lavender infusion. There were a lot of trials with that first batch, and some fine tuning involved through each step of the process. But we made enough bottles of our new lavender wine to last for a year. Or, so we thought.

Within four or five months or whole stock sold out. We were more than surprised at our customers’ enthusiastic response to our new, adventurous wine. And we decided that lavender held an opportunity for us and our community that we couldn’t pass up.


Today’s Lavender Wine By St. Kathryn Cellars

Today’s lavender wine is made using Riesling grapes from Talbott Farms, here in Palisade. Riesling grapes grows well in Colorado’s Western Slope, which can sometimes have unexpected late-season frosts, and wildly varying temperatures. But with Riesling, we can almost always get a good crop that’s flavorful, aromatic, and that complements lavender, nicely. We also love working with local farmers for our grapes. It gives us a chance to be more involved in the community, and support local businesses and families here. Plus, Talbott are sixth generation farmers. They know as much or more than anyone about farming, they have grape-growing figured out, and produce a great crop for our winemaking each year.

Our Riesling wine alone is a fantastic wine (you can check our Riesling wine here). We’ve won two gold medals with our Riesling at wine competitions. We use the exact same Riesling as the base for our lavender wine, so you can know that we are not skimping on quality. Just because we’ve added a fun, lavender flavor to the wine, doesn’t change our commitment to bringing our customers the best. Which is, of course, part of why our lavender wine is so good.


The Process Of Making Lavender Wine

We begin our lavender wine making process with the Riesling base. We then add organic Buena Vista lavender from our local producer, Sage Creations. A food processor grinds up the lavender, and we then seep it like a tea, in the wine. Grinding the lavender, we’ve found, helps release the lavender’s oils from the flower. As the lavender seeps into the Riesling wine, it extracts the flavor, and produces more flavorful aromatics. After the wine sits for a couple weeks, we continually smell and taste the product each day, until we’re satisfied that we’ve reached the proper balance. It’s important to us that we get the lavender flavor we’re looking for, without getting too much on the herbaceous side.


Pairing Foods With Our Lavender Wine

Our lavender wine is a sweet wine. It pairs well with salty cheese, and charcuterie trays. One dish you may also try is pairing it with yellow squash and pumpkin soup, which may sound odd, but works very well. We’ve also had good experiences when pairing our lavender wine with fish cooked with lemon. Overall, this wine can go well with a lot of foods. And, one of the most important things we like to tell people, is this: drink what you like. Don’t worry too much about occasion, food pairings, or what’s “proper.” Wine all comes down to what you enjoy, and if you’re sharing, what your guests enjoy.


Lavender Drink Mixes

If you want to see a couple great drink mixes that use our lavender wine, we have recipes for our “Lavosa” (Lavender Mimosa) and Lavender Spa Water on our website. You can also make a great drink by combining a glass of our lavender with lemon bubbly water. It makes for a very refreshing summer drink.

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