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Jake Tegtman
October 19, 2020 | Jake Tegtman

Talon at Palisade's Newest Wine Bar

Talon Palisade Winery

We are pleased to announce three of our wines (Talon Wingspan RedWingspan White, and St. Kathryn White Sangria) can now be sampled and sipped at the newly re-branded Palisade Cafe and Wine Bar. The Palisade Cafe offers nightly dinner specials that feature food and wine pairings. Owner John Sabal, and house sommelier, says, "As a full-service wine bar, our patrons can now learn more about Colorado wines in one location unlike anywhere else. We’re excited to be a year-round Colorado wine enjoyment center.” We are grateful to be alongside our other local winery peers at this local hotspot. Visit the Palisade Cafe and Wine Bar at 113 W 3rd St.

Newly Released: The Falconer

The much anticipated new 2016 vintage of The Falconer has been released and is showing promising reception from our customers. Only 99 cases were  made of this reserve blend, making it truly an exclusive, one of a kind red blend. Head Winemaker Hillary Eales says, "This vintage of Falconer has a unique toasted chocolate aroma that honestly surprised and delighted me as it came out in the wine. It's smooth enough to drink now, yet tannic enough to cellar." The Falconer is a proprietary blend of premium, Old World “black” grapes originating in Portugal, and the Pyrenees of Southern France. Its deep, rich color and dry flavors of black cherries, cocoa, and coffee with an undercurrent of oak make it enjoyable now and for many years to come. With cases being sold at a time, we know we have made a uniquely premier product. Give us a call today to find out how you can get your hands on this unique vintage: 970-464-1300. 

Wine Pairing

Caprese Bites with Pinot Grigio.

This time of year calls for refreshing, light pairings that will work perfectly for your next outdoor get-together. One of the biggest challenges as a consumer of wine is finding a food and wine pairing that will work well together. That’s why we offer them to you here! It's our job to not only provide you with the highest quality wine, but to make sure you have the right wine for the occasion. 

We recommend Talon Pinot Grigio with these easy to make Caprese Bites. Both are light and refreshing. When finding pairings, it’s important to keep the flavors either similar or opposite (spicy and sweet).

Wine Appetizer

Cherry Chip Cheese Ball or Dip

This recipe highlights our Meadery of the Rockies Cherry Honey Wine. It’s a delicious, sweet Cheese Ball filled with Maraschino Cherries and mini Chocolate Chips.

Find the recipe for this fun appetizer on our website here.

Behind the Scenes Look: Featuring Wholesale Assistant Natalia

Our Wholesale Assistant Natalia helps us keep our relationships strong with our local wine providers. If you are local, you may even recognize her! Her weeks get pretty busy working for us here at Talon Wine Brands, as we are one of the only wineries that locally distributes our own wine here in the Grand Valley (Outside of the valley we use a distributor, such as Breakthru Beverage). She stocks the wine, delivers it, and takes orders just to name a few of her responsibilities. 

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Lee Recca
May 25, 2018 | Lee Recca

Wines by St. Kathryn Cellars and Meadery of the Rockies Pair Well With Today's Dishes

Wine guides are full of advice about what wines go best with fish or fowl, but what about our favorite dishes of today? The fruit and fresh produce, the comfort food and Asian creations? Here are links to recipes and perfect wines to pair with your favorite foods of the moment, from St. Kathryn Cellars, Meadery of the Rockies, and Talon Winery!

Pair ramen noodles (pictured above) with St. Kathryn Cellars fruit and botanical wines: Peach or Apple Blossom complement noodles nicely! "Use Your Noodles" from Wine Magazine contains a recipe for Asparagus and Sea Scallops with Sweet Miso Sauce. Substitute Sweet Honey Wine from Meadery of the Rockies for mirin.

Wine Folly says, “aromatic white wines are wonderful when matched with aromatic Southeast Asian and Indian cuisine” in the article "What are Aromatic White Wines?" St. Kathryn Cellars Apple Blossom, Peach or Lavender Wines would complement Sera Ramen's shrimp tempura, pictured above.

What wine would you pour when serving Avocado Toast? Pair with St. Kathryn Cellars Golden Pear, of course! It’s a match made in heaven! Wine Magazine recommends a bold white wine with avocado. The article contains a recipe for California Crab-Stuffed Avocado, which would be perfect with St. Kathryn Cellars Golden Pear Wine.

What wine gets comfortable with grits and greens?

Pairing wine with comfort food is easy as pie. Choose a red blend like St. Kathryn Cellars Sweet Scarlet to meld the flavors of classic Southern dishes such as creamed spinach, corn grits and collard greens. St. Kathryn Cellars wines are lighter and brighter than grape-based ones like Cabernet Sauvignon, and will lighten up the richness of classic Southern food.

For a sensational taste paradigm switch, try St. Kathryn Cellars Strawberry Rhubarb Wine with these favorite dishes! Pictured above is the award-winning Jalapeno Mojo Melt from The Royal in Denver's Berkeley neighborhood.

By the way, are you a fussy eater? Check out this site for tips and tricks. 

Fiona Beckett advises serving a rosé wine with ahi, and what could be better than our new Talon Rosé? Other possibilities include St. Kathryn Cellars Lavender Wine or Peach; something with a touch of sweetness to match that of the fish. In the picture above is tuna poke from Sera Ramen in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver.

With any flavor of Italian Ice, complete the experience by washing it down with a glass of St. Kathryn Cellars Lavender Wine. Ride the crest of the floral flavor trend with Lavender or its fragrant sister Apple Blossom!

Wines mentioned in this article can be found at


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Lee Recca
March 28, 2018 | Lee Recca

Talon Winery Debuts Wingspan Rosé, Completing Trio of Wingspan Wines

Wingspan Trio of winesThe much-awaited arrival of Talon Wingspan Rosé in retail outlets, restaurants and hotels/event centers has begun throughout the state. The new wine joins its siblings Talon Wingspan White and Wingspan Red to form a trio of wine blends quenching the thirst of wine drinkers as well as the needs of restaurateurs for high-quality, consistent Colorado house wines to sell by the glass.

Why rosé? Rosé is leaping over most other varieties in popularity. “Rosé has shown strong growth over the past year and is outpacing overall US wine growth, a trend which will ramp up. . . thanks to the pink drink’s light and versatile appeal,” according to the research organization ACNielsen. Wine overall grew at 4 percent in 2017 but rosé grew by 53 percent, with 60 percent of American wine drinkers now consuming this delightful wine year round.

Talon Winery is adept at producing wines like rosé. Head winemaker Brian Stevens explained, “Our focus was to create a delicate, dry, bright, and balanced rosé. To accomplish this we used Bordeaux grapes, a blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, all grown in Palisade, Colorado. A light pressing gave this wine its beautiful, salmon color. Quick fermentation at cool temperature was used to preserve alluring aromas and flavors.”

The trade is embracing Talon Rosé with excitement: “The Wingspan Rosé is the best Colorado wine we ever tasted,” said Eddie Castor, wine buyer at Super Liquor Mart in Littleton. “We are impressed with all of Talon’s wines.” Josh Matteson of Fisher's Liquor Barn in Grand Junction calls it "a perfect reflection of Colorado wines" and "the perfect rosé for the upcoming season."

Other Front Range places to try Talon Wingspan Rosé include Bitto Bistro (pictured at right) in Westminster; Hazel's Liquor World in Boulder; Total Beverage in Thornton; Buckley Discount Liquors, Hamden Crossing Liquors and Cherry Creek Liquors in Denver; and Bentley's and Mulberry Liquors, Fort Collins. On the Western Slope, Wingspan Rosé is available at Tacoparty, Bin 707 Foodbar, Goat & Clover Tavern, The Palette, Rockslide Brewery, and 626 on Rood.

Talon Wine Brands offers the most extensive selection of all Colorado wineries, ranging from St. Kathryn Cellars Peach, made with world-famous Palisade Peaches, to the Meadery’s honey wines, melomels and dessert wines. The tasting rooms are open year-round and are among the most popular destinations in Palisade, Colorado, at the entrance to the state’s premier wine growing region, the Grand Valley AVA.


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Lee Recca
August 29, 2017 | Lee Recca

Dinner Party by Bin 707 Foodbar Pairs Talon Wines With Spectacular Dishes

An evening of delight and deliciousness was in store for reporters representing national magazines, blogs and other media assembled at Grand Junction's Bin 707 Foodbar in August. Chef Josh Niernberg, the talent behind Bin 707 and its newest addition, Dinner Party, had created an inspired five course dinner with innovative dishes paired with five of Talon's most celebrated wines. He is pictured above at right with Talon Wine Brands Founder/CEO Glenn Foster.

First, Niernberg created a Palisade Peach Pow-wow cocktail with St. Kathryn Cellars Peach Wine to start the dinner off with a bang. The cocktail featured Palisade peaches from High Country Orchards, gin from Peach Street Distillers and St. Kathryn Cellars Peach Wine. "The craft of the cocktail involves using locally sourced ingredients as the base of our recipes. We're showcasing spirits both unique and expressive of the Colorado terroir from which they're produced," he said.

For first courses, Talon Pinot Grigio was paired with stuffed squash blossoms and Talon Riesling with melon carpaccio.

Then came the main event. For an entrée of Wagyu beef, Niernberg chose Talon’s The Falconer, our premium red wine blend of European grapes aged four years in oak. Only 65 cases of this wine were produced, and most of them have been snapped up by exclusive restaurants, resorts, and commercial and private purchasers. The Falconer was poured for the reporters by Talon's head winemaker, Brian Stevens.

The Falconer provided a perfect foil for the beef, Avalanche Cheese Company blue cheese, caramelized onions, and the blueberry demi-glacé that accompanied it. The crowning touch to the evening was the pouring of Meadery of the Rockies Strawberry Honey Wine with a sweet/savory dessert of peach cobbler and sweet corn ice cream.



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