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Lee Recca
May 25, 2018 | My Blog Category | Lee Recca

Wines by St. Kathryn Cellars and Meadery of the Rockies Pair Well With Today's Dishes

Wine guides are full of advice about what wines go best with fish or fowl, but what about our favorite dishes of today? The fruit and fresh produce, the comfort food and Asian creations? Here are links to recipes and perfect wines to pair with your favorite foods of the moment, from St. Kathryn Cellars, Meadery of the Rockies, and Talon Winery!

Pair ramen noodles (pictured above) with St. Kathryn Cellars fruit and botanical wines: Peach or Apple Blossom complement noodles nicely! "Use Your Noodles" from Wine Magazine contains a recipe for Asparagus and Sea Scallops with Sweet Miso Sauce. Substitute Sweet Honey Wine from Meadery of the Rockies for mirin.

Wine Folly says, “aromatic white wines are wonderful when matched with aromatic Southeast Asian and Indian cuisine” in the article "What are Aromatic White Wines?" St. Kathryn Cellars Apple Blossom, Peach or Lavender Wines would complement Sera Ramen's shrimp tempura, pictured above.

What wine would you pour when serving Avocado Toast? Pair with St. Kathryn Cellars Golden Pear, of course! It’s a match made in heaven! Wine Magazine recommends a bold white wine with avocado. The article contains a recipe for California Crab-Stuffed Avocado, which would be perfect with St. Kathryn Cellars Golden Pear Wine.

What wine gets comfortable with grits and greens?

Pairing wine with comfort food is easy as pie. Choose a red blend like St. Kathryn Cellars Sweet Scarlet to meld the flavors of classic Southern dishes such as creamed spinach, corn grits and collard greens. St. Kathryn Cellars wines are lighter and brighter than grape-based ones like Cabernet Sauvignon, and will lighten up the richness of classic Southern food.

For a sensational taste paradigm switch, try St. Kathryn Cellars Strawberry Rhubarb Wine with these favorite dishes! Pictured above is the award-winning Jalapeno Mojo Melt from The Royal in Denver's Berkeley neighborhood.

By the way, are you a fussy eater? Check out this site for tips and tricks. 

Fiona Beckett advises serving a rosé wine with ahi, and what could be better than our new Talon Rosé? Other possibilities include St. Kathryn Cellars Lavender Wine or Peach; something with a touch of sweetness to match that of the fish. In the picture above is tuna poke from Sera Ramen in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver.

With any flavor of Italian Ice, complete the experience by washing it down with a glass of St. Kathryn Cellars Lavender Wine. Ride the crest of the floral flavor trend with Lavender or its fragrant sister Apple Blossom!

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