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Lee Recca
December 21, 2015 | PR Releases | Lee Recca

Colorful, Flavorful New Year’s Eve Ideas from Talon Wine Brands

Resolve to ring in the New Year with creativity and color, using Talon Wine Brand’s palette of 40-plus traditional grape wines as well as our innovative fruit and botanical wines and our popular honey wines by Meadery of the Rockies!

Make a wine punch! Gather rosy varieties of St. Kathryn Cellars wines, such as Pomegranate, Cranberry, or Sweet Scarlet. Mix 50-50 in a large punch bowl with bubbly such as champagne or dry club soda. Add sweetness (Meadery of the Rockies Sweet Honey Wine, perhaps?) to taste. Garnish with citrus spirals and frozen berries.

For a hot punch, try St. Kathryn Cellars Apple Blossom and hot apple cider, served in glass mugs garnished with cinnamon sticks and star anise. Or stir up a hearty mulled wine by spiking Strawberry Rhubarb with a splash of Talon Winery’s Merlot.

At Manneken Frites in Arvada, Colorado, a festive champagne cocktail was created by pouring Talon Riesling in the distinctive blue bottle with dry champagne or sparkling wine.

Add a touch of glamour to the last night of the year with richly hued St. Kathryn Cellars wines, dressed in their holiday garnishes. Try Peach, accessorized with a slice of starfruit or kiwi. Our best selling Lavender Wine is elevated by snuggling a frozen blackberry in the bottom of the glass, embraced in a lemon twist.

Pour yourself a glass, let your creativity go wild and look forward to a colorful and tasteful New Year!


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