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Member Testimonials 

Read why our
members enjoy being
a part of our Wine
Club here at Talon
Wine Brands 


All the wine tasting events are very educating!
- Missy - Member for 1 year
We love the daily glasses of wine. We meet business partners here over a glass of wine. It's a wonderful atmoshere. 
-Kathy - Member for 1 year
This is our first wine club experience. We joined because we love the product! 
-Amanda - New member 


I love how they notify you of the upcoming events and they love to have a great time! Thank you! 
-Ruth - Member for 3 years
I enjoy coming to do wine tasting, the group gatherings and beautiful location.
-John - Member for 2 years
I enjoy meeting up with other folks that enjoy wine. Also, the production you guys put on for club members is fun. We enjoy them! 
-Ryan - Member for 1 year