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What is the Best Way to Reach the Talon Wine Club Coordinators?

You are welcome to email us at  or give us a call at 970-464-1300 ext 7009. If you’d prefer to speak to us in person you may ask for the wine club coordinator at either tasting bar in the Talon/St Kathryn Cellars building. Wine Club office hours are Monday through Friday 8am-4pm MST, we are here to help!


How Does Talon Wine Brands Connect With Me?

Talon Wine Brands communicates via email to our many wine club members across the US. You will receive an email to remind you of the upcoming winemaker’s selection wines before the beginning of each quarter. Pick up members will receive a window of dates to stop in and make their purchase in one of our tasting rooms. Shipping members will receive the date to make order adjustments, as well as the week of billing and shipping. **If you are not receiving emails, first check your spam folder and add to your contacts. Or verify your email address is correct by logging into your wine club account online or by emailing us at


I Am a SHIPPING Club Member. How Do I Make Adjustments to My Order?

  • If you live in AZ, CA, CO, FL, NV, MO, OH, TX, WY, you may log in to your wine club account through our website.
    • Click the log in button on the top right of the page and enter the email address you provided on the club contract as your log in. If it is your first time logging in, please do not make a new account. Click to request a password reset. A link will be emailed to your provided email address, which you’ll need to click to follow and reset. If all else fails, give us a call and we will set your account log in and password for you!
    • Once you are in to your account, you may follow the prompts to change the pre-selected wines. Don’t forget to click save at the bottom right of the page! Not comfortable online? You are ALWAYS welcome to email or call! (970) 464-1300 ext 7009
  • If you live in one of the other 41 states included on our shipping map, please contact us directly to change your order.
    • We use a secure third-party shipper called VinoShipper to process payments and ship the wines to you. This is due to liquor licensing requirements. You may still access your general wine club account through our website, but in order to change your wine selections, billing, or shipping information you need to contact the wine club coordinator. Wine selections and addresses changes may be made via email, but for security purposes you will need to call us directly to provide alternate payment information.


I Am a PICK UP Member --How Do I Fulfill My Quarterly Commitment?

Pick up club members have 2 months to purchase wine for each quarter. The monthly quarters are February, May, August and November. Pick up members have from the 15th of the month prior to the 15th of the month after to come in to the tasting rooms, select and purchase their wine. A pick up member may also order wine online or through a wine club coordinator during the quarterly pick up window to be picked up at a later date. Please mention at checkout that your wine purchase should apply to your quarterly commitment. We recommend making your entire qualifying purchase in one transaction, for ease of tracking.


How Do I Upgrade to a Higher Level?

Looking for MORE WINE?--you are welcome to increase your commitment to the wine club at any time! Members must call or email wine club coordinators to request an upgrade or fill out upgrade information on contract form in the tasting room. New discount level will take effect upon first qualifying purchase at new level (ie: 6 bottles for upgrade to Gold or 12 for upgrade to Platinum).


How Do I Go Down a Level?

If you have fulfilled your four contracted quarters, you may move to a lower available level by communicating with the wine club coordinators. If you haven’t fulfilled the four quarters and have any concerns about the number of bottles you have on hand, reach out to the wine club coordinators to ascertain the downgrade fee for your unique situation. We are here to help!


What Are My Tasting Room Perks?

One flight or one complimentary glass for the wine club member, plus one guest, at each of our three tasting rooms. Looking for more of an experience? Ask about setting up a tour of our production area or reserving the wine club exclusive space for your group!


How Do I Cancel?

Cancellation requests may be made over the phone or by email to the wine club coordinators at 970-464-1300 ext 7009 or If you wish to make your request in person the tasting room associate will require a contract form to be filled out marked “cancellation”. Any member who has fulfilled his or her four quarters within the contracted membership may cancel anytime thereafter  without penalty. Any cancellation requests prior to the fourth quarter fulfillment may be subject to a cancellation fee of up to $65.

A member must request cancellation from the wine club prior to the last day to make changes for the shipping quarter or the last day of the pick up member quarter to avoid additional charges.


What Happens if I Unsubscribe From Emails?

If you opt to unsubscribe from emails you acknowledge responsibility for all communications with the wine club coordinators. Talon Wine Club communicates all wine club information via email. By unsubscribing, you will not receive notification about upcoming quarters, winemaker’s selections, events, etc. CLICKING UNSUBSCRIBE DOES NOT CANCEL MEMBERSHIP IN THE WINE CLUB. Please see above for how to cancel.


Can I Hold or Skip a Shipment?

No problem! Simply reach out to the wine club coordinators at or call us at 970-464-1300 ext 7009. Let us know which quarter you’d like to skip and we will make note your account. There is no fee to hold or skip a single quarter. Please note that four quarters must be complete to cancel without penalty. A skipped or held quarter does not count towards your quarterly commitment.


Can I Pre-Order Wine?

Definitely! Simply log onto your account through our website and place your order. You can opt to pick it up at our Talon tasting room location or have it shipped to your desired location. Flat rate shipping for wine club members will be honored.


What is the Flat Rate Shipping Charge?

As a wine club member you receive flat rate shipping benefits. Any order you place with us for shipping is eligible for flat rate shipping within the continental United States. Orders of 1 bottle to 4 bottles will be $18 for shipping, plus wine cost and tax. Orders of 5 to 12 bottles will be $20 for shipping, plus wine cost and tax. Any orders over 12 bottles will incur flat rate shipping charges per box (max 12 bottles per box). Shipping to a state other than CO, CA, WY or MO? Contact your wine club coordinator and we will process your order through our secure third-party shipper, VinoShipper. Our partnership with VinoShipper allows us to ship wine to an additional 35 states.


What if I Am Not There to Sign for Packages?

Someone of legal drinking age does need to be there to sign and accept a wine delivery. UPS will attempt three deliveries before sending the wine back to our facility, which will then incur a return package fee on your account. We suggest having wine shipped to your office or local UPS store. Contact us to let us help you figure this out!


Can I Opt for Fed Ex Instead of UPS?

Do you live in CO, WY, CA or MO? --Then yes! We have licenses to ship directly to these four states, so you may request Fed Ex as your preferred shipper. Flat rate shipping isn’t guaranteed with Fed Ex. Please talk to a Wine Club Coordinator if you have questions.


I’m a Pick Up Member and Received an Email That My Order was Processed and Will Be Shipped Out, But I Live in Town!

We offer a two month window per quarter to pick up wines. If we haven’t seen you by the end of that window we then process your order for the winemaker’s selection and ship to you. However, if you call or email us as soon as you can, we may be to hold the shipment for you.


I’m a Shipping Member and Received an Email That My Order Was Processed and Will Be Shipped Out, But I Want Different Wines!

We offer a deadline for customizing your wine selection for every quarter. But we totally get these things may fall through the cracks. Reach out to us as soon as possible! Please be advised, a $15 re-processing fee may apply.


Not Finding the Help You Need Here?

Call us! 970-464-1300 ext 7009 or email

We are happy to assist and share the JOY of wine with you!